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Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. (OHC)

Cincinnati, Ohio USA


“Our prototype office is aesthetically very different than any of our other 15 neighborhood locations. From the thoughtful, inspiring images and quotes on our walls to the fresh open space and well-considered amenities, you’re in for an experience like no other.”


— From OHC Blog


Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. (OHC) delivers highly specialized, compassionate care to patients with cancer and blood disorders. For the design and construction of its new prototype office, OHC West wanted a "patient-centric" approach that reflected its mission of Patients First!


Kolar developed the brand experience strategy and design of OHC West so the space would promote the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, and facilitate quality, efficient care delivery. Every detail of the office was considered through the eyes of patients from patient traffic flow, workspaces for physicians, counter heights and even the operation of doors.


As patients enter OHC West, they are welcomed by an open reception area with comfortable chairs and love seats arranged to promote conversation and enable patients in wheelchairs to sit with family. This area also features large windows for natural light, soothing wall colors and photos of nature taken by Dr. Richard Levy, founder of OHC. The space is intended to feel more like a living room than a reception area.


Kolar considered every moment of the patient experience in creating the design strategy. The height of the reception desk was lowered to make it more functional for patients in wheelchairs and to promote openness, creating an experience more similar to checking into a hotel than a medical facility. The barriers that traditionally have separated patients and staff, such as counters and reception windows, were removed.


Color was also used strategically to create a sense of comfort and peace in this healing environment. The blue, green and orange watermarks of OHC's brand adorn the walls along with inspiring quotes from notable figures. The examination rooms were painted with a gentle shade of green. Each room has comfortable chairs with consoles where loved ones can sit and where personal items can be stored. The treatment area also is amply stocked with refreshments to replenish patients, and sliding doors make it easier for patients to enter meetings rooms to engage with staff and nurse navigators.


The entire OHC West office provides patients a comfortable, almost home-like atmosphere for their treatment and care.