• Beijing, China

    Beijing, China

  • Beijing, China

    Beijing, China

  • Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva, Switzerland

  • Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Jakarta, Indonesia

    Jakarta, Indonesia



Brand Experience

Kolar Design

P&G Global Workplaces

Procter & Gamble

Geneva, Seoul, Beijing, Rome, Cincinnati and Jakarta


For Procter & Gamble (P&G), the world’s largest consumer products company, it was important for its global workplaces Geneva, Seoul, Beijing, Rome, Cincinnati and Jakarta to communicate P&G’s corporate brand equity to employees, customers and shareholders. A team of architects, interior designers and brand experience designers collaborated on each P&G workplace, using a strategic design thinking process. The objective was to provide a consistent global brand experience while also reflecting the unique cultural aspects of each location.


Beginning with a discovery exercise, the team helped crystallize the overall vision and express it through words and schema. We worked with P&G to define the mood, look and feel for the workplaces and create a communication strategy that connected with the architectural space programming.


The global workplaces were envisioned to connect, create and enable the next wave of innovation for P&G. The workplaces promoted an open and connected culture. Walls and spaces were opened up through the use of glass, transparent materials and light. Collaboration spaces were incorporated to foster continuous learning and communication.


The “Inspiration Toolkit” provided guidelines for expressing the brand across two-dimensional, three-dimensional and electronic media. The design guidelines provide consistency for work spaces, but are also flexible enough to embrace the unique cultures that P&G employees live and work in every day. A companion brochure called “Spaces Can Be Brands, Too,” explained the value of expressing the P&G brand in the company’s workplaces to all of the employees and served as the basis for the delivery process.